Ultimate Freight Partner — Paxxter E Trailer, Weightless Cargo Experience

Freight is an unavoidable topic in everyday life. Whether commuting to work, shopping for daily needs, or even traveling with a trailer, you need storage space for carrying items. For those using bicycles or electric bikes as their primary means of daily transportation, encountering situations that require transporting large items often makes a trailer an excellent choice.

However, even with a powerful electric bike, towing a trailer loaded with goods might slow you down or become challenging to maneuver, feeling like it’s draining your energy.

To make freight transportation easier, German company Roland Werk has launched an electric trailer, the Paxxter E. Besides being self-powered, it comes with sensors that adjust power output based on your pedaling speed, making it seem weightless while towing and providing an exceptional transport experience.

At first glance, Paxxter E appears modest—a lockable, waterproof aluminum transport box available in two sizes: 156 liters and 239 liters, equipped with two large wheels and a hitching bar. In case the box’s capacity falls short, additional racks are available to expand storage.

Each of Paxxter E’s wheels is fitted with a hub motor, delivering 125 W per motor and a total output of 250 W. It can travel at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour in tandem with the rider. Like electric bicycles, it has three assistance levels, allowing riders to fine-tune the motor’s start-up intensity for a more comfortable towing experience.

With a 180 Wh battery, Paxxter E can also be fitted with an additional battery pack for extended range, eliminating concerns about running out of power midway.

Moreover, the trailer can sense and match the current speed through sensors on the bicycle crankshaft and the trailer’s control system, preventing any jolts or dragging sensation. Even with the trailer attached, the ride feels as effortless as regular cycling.

All these settings can be adjusted via switches on the trailer’s side, and integrated LED lights on the body indicate the trailer’s battery status, enabling estimated travel times and timely recharging.

And don’t worry about the trailer sitting idle—Paxxter E’s aluminum transport box is detachable, doubling up as a storage box when not in use.

The Roland Paxxter E weighs approximately 53 pounds, and the prices for the 156-liter and 239-liter sizes are 3299.90 euros and 3399.90 euros, respectively.

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