Huawei joins hands with XDS to jointly launch the first Hongmeng-powered electric-assist bicycle, initiating a revolution in smart cycling!

On the afternoon of December 12, 2023, the Urban Rider, a electric-assist bicycle co-developed by Xidesheng and Huawei Smart Selection, made its grand debut at the Xidesheng headquarters in Guangming, Shenzhen!

The Deputy Secretary of the Guangming District Committee and District Mayor Qiu Haohang, Chairman of Xidesheng Group Tan Weilong, Yang Haisong, General Manager of Huawei’s Terminal Business OEM Ecological Product Division, along with Xidesheng distributors and suppliers from across the country, and some mainstream and tech media attended the launch event.

According to reports from the investment community, this vehicle was officially proposed in January 2022 and took a full 18 months until its release, creating a product that integrates cycling, intelligence, and fitness for consumers. The Urban Rider embodies cutting-edge technology from two major teams: the renowned bicycle manufacturer Xidesheng and the intelligent connectivity enterprise Huawei Smart Selection, aiming to provide consumers with a smarter, more convenient, and healthier urban cycling lifestyle.

In terms of appearance, the vehicle boasts a sleek and minimalist design. The official claim is that the frame adopts aerospace-grade X6 aluminum alloy, offering not only lightweight properties but also exceptional strength. Utilizing an integrated welding process, the exterior appears more seamless.

Apart from its impressive exterior design, the vehicle is equipped with Xidesheng’s latest autonomous cutting-edge technology—high-precision torque sensors and dual-closed-loop kinetic energy controllers. Additionally, it fully supports HarmonyOS Smart Connection, making it the industry’s first electric-assist bicycle to support HarmonyOS Smart Connection 4G plans.

Xidesheng’s high-precision torque sensors and dual-closed-loop kinetic energy controllers, coupled with a unique Pedal Boost™ algorithm, achieve zero-delay power response. This technology not only accurately collects user pedaling force but also ensures smoother power output, resulting in a more comfortable and safer riding experience. Paired with robust high-end batteries and an intelligent battery management system, it enables fast charging and extends the vehicle’s range.

In pure electric mode, the range reaches 40 kilometers, while in the first gear assist mode, it extends up to 90 kilometers.

Furthermore, Huawei Smart Selection integrates HarmonyOS Connect for Bike’s intelligence capabilities into the vehicle, enhancing the experience in three aspects: safety, convenience, and entertainment. Navigation, heart rate, and incoming call information from the smartphone can be displayed on the vehicle’s screen, providing all necessary information at a glance. With technological support for smart connectivity, the vehicle can also record rides and independently access the internet.

Simultaneously, the vehicle can switch between four riding modes, including assist mode, pure electric mode, human-powered mode, and fitness mode, catering to various riding scenarios and meeting multiple needs for daily commuting and indoor fitness. Moreover, it features functions like virtual riding and kinetic energy recovery for power generation, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience.

During the launch event, Tan Weilong, Chairman of Xidesheng Group, stated, “The future of electric-assist bicycles undoubtedly lies in the direction of intelligence. The successful launch of the Huawei Smart Selection Xidesheng Smart Electric-Assist Bicycle signifies the successful integration of Xidesheng’s outstanding manufacturing technology and Huawei Smart Selection’s leading intelligent interaction capabilities. This not only brings a new realm to electric-assist technology but also lays a solid foundation for the future of intelligent travel.”

Yang Haisong, General Manager of Huawei’s Terminal Business OEM Ecological Product Division, remarked, “From traditional bicycles to electric-assist bicycles and now to smart electric-assist bicycles, intelligence has sparked the third wave of travel experience upgrades. HarmonyOS Smart Connection injects intelligence into this smart electric-assist bicycle, promising consumers a safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable smart riding experience.”

With the dual motivations of a surge in short-distance travel demands and achieving carbon neutrality, electric-assist travel has become a future trend. With the boost of intelligence, the cycling experience has been upgraded. The collaboration between Xidesheng and Huawei Smart Selection not only showcases the innovative strength and technological prowess of Chinese manufacturers but also leads the bicycle industry’s new trend in travel, sparking a revolution in intelligent cycling. This not only brings a more convenient and intelligent lifestyle to society but also takes a significant step toward an intelligent, low-carbon, sustainable future.

The selling price of Huawei Smart Selection Xidesheng’s “Urban Rider” is 6999 yuan, and reservations can currently be made at offline stores.

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