Toyota Simultaneously Launches Electric Bikes and Car-Sharing Service

As the global demand for eco-friendly transportation continues to grow, restrictions on conventional car usage are increasing. This trend has prompted more people to seek sustainable and convenient modes of transportation. Car-sharing programs and bicycles (including electric-assist bikes) are favored choices for many.

In the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, Japanese automaker Toyota has keenly observed this market trend and taken an innovative approach. They have introduced an application that integrates short-term rentals for both cars and electric bikes, operating under the mobile brand name Kinto.

According to Forbes magazine, Copenhagen has become the world’s first city to offer electric-assist bike and car reservation services through the same application. This not only facilitates local residents’ transportation needs but also attracts a significant number of tourists to experience this unique low-carbon travel mode.

Last week, nearly 600 electric-assist bikes provided by Kinto began their service in the streets of Copenhagen. These efficient and eco-friendly modes of transportation offer a fresh way to travel for both citizens and visitors.

Riders can opt for a pay-per-minute rental for these bikes, with a cost of only 2.55 Danish krone per minute (approximately 30 cents), and an additional starting fee of 10 Danish krone. After each ride, users are required to park the bikes in designated areas for the convenience of others.

For customers who prefer more flexible payment options, there are various choices available. Commuter and student passes are ideal for long-term users, while a 72-hour pass is more suitable for short-term travelers or weekend adventurers.

Although this may not be the world’s first electric-assist bike sharing program, it could be the first to offer a convenient travel solution integrating both cars and electric bikes.

This innovative transportation service combines two different modes of transport, providing users with more diverse and flexible travel options. Whether one needs a car for long-distance travel or an electric-assist bike for short commutes, both can be easily accessed on the same platform.

This unique combination not only enhances travel efficiency but also enriches the overall travel experience for users. Whether navigating the city center or embarking on suburban adventures, this sharing program caters to various travel needs.

This initiative not only challenges traditional transportation models but also explores the future of smart mobility. It not only improves urban traffic conditions but also promotes the widespread adoption of green travel principles.

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