Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard & Go-Kart Attachment Combo

Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard & Go-Kart Attachment Combo: This stellar hoverboard is lightweight and supports weight up to 220lbs., making it perfect for all levels of riders as a solo hoverboard and a go-kart! Ride around in style with this attachment! The Kart attachment has a four-inch front tire, which complements the 6.5″ tires that the All-Star has. Maneuver your Kart with the two arm controls which will allow you to move forward, backward and spin. The frame length is adjustable to hold all different sizes of riders. Make sure you have securely installed the Kart using the adjustable straps. Riding the hoverboard separately is also simple and fun! Step onto our non-slip foot pedals to activate the dual motors and control your movements. Cruise around at a comfortable max speed of up to 7mph. Charge in full before riding!

For more information here is a short unboxing and review for Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard & Go-Kart.

Video by: Brad C

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