Europe’s largest electric bus fleet

Moscow, Russia has launched its 500th electric bus. In Autumn 2018, Moscow’s first hybrid buses took to the streets. KAMAZ 6282, one of the 300 e-buses supplied by domestic suppliers GAZ and KAMAZ, is the 500th bus. By 2024, Mosgortrans says it plans to have 2,600 electric buses running in Moscow, which is still just a third of the big bus fleet of the region.

The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, has a range of 70 km, and can be charged in 6-12 minutes using a half-pantograph with ultra-fast charging stations (whatever that is). Using tri-phase 380 V AC, it can also be charged overnight. It can be charged at temperatures ranging from +45 to -40 ° C, a must in Moscow’s punishing climate.eet for year-round service.

Source- Green Car Congress

Video by: Travel Together

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