Volkswagen Charging Robot for Electric Cars

Volkswagen has unveiled a real working version, something it has been conceptualizing for years, of an automated charging robot for electric vehicles. They had the idea of a robot fitted with a DC charging device that would be capable of picking battery packs, attaching to them, and taking electric cars parked to charge them autonomously while sitting in a parking lot.

The proposal was a fascinating solution to the question of electric car charging in large residential complexes. You might easily create a station with battery packs instead of constructing charging stations for any parking spot in an underground garage, and make those autonomous robots carry the packs to electric vehicles as required.

The company has previously said that they are each fitted with 25 kWh battery packs and can charge a vehicle through DC fast-charging at 50 kW. The charging robot will simultaneously move multiple battery wagons. Based on the production of this prototype, Volkswagen says that they are currently considering taking the system to market.

Source- electrek

Video by: Volkswagen News

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