Hyundai teases EV’s “breakthrough” interior design to rival Model Y and Mach-E.

Hyundai teases “breakthrough” interior design in EV to rival Model Y and Mach-E

Hyundai unveiled a look inside its Ioniq 5 electric vehicle, ahead of this possible competitor to Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y on February 23.

The Ioniq 5 cabin will use a combination of sustainable surfaces, including eco-processed leather treated with linseed oil, rapeseed-based biopaint, PET-based woven fabrics and other natural and recycled fibres.

Hyundai has already noted that the Ioniq 5 E-GMP platform, with a flat battery pack under the flat passenger floor, allows for more interior space and more flexibility in interior design.

The “Universal Island” feature of the console makes it more than a static storage box, the company says. Hyundai says that the center console will slide back and forth—possibly along with either or both of the seats, as suggested in the video clip above—allowing both the driver and the passengers to exit on either side of the car, and the driver and the passenger to use their legs when charging sessions.

This is not feasible on platforms designed for engines, tailpipes and propshafts, the company suggests.

The interior will be balanced by an exterior that closely follows the retro-inspired 45 Concept that made its debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show—a utility vehicle that traces heritage to a league of chiseled hatchbacks built in the 1970s, including Hyundai’s original Pony.

“Ioniq 5 is a design statement that offers an optimistic view of what customers can expect in the new EV era,” said SangYup Lee, Hyundai Senior VP and head of the company’s global design center.

Hyundai has already said that the Ioniq 5 would be able to gain more than 62 miles of range in 5 minutes, plus 3.5-kw vehicle-to-load capability that could power a house in outages. For the platform itself, some models will deliver 800V hardware and boast up to 80 percent charging in 18 minutes.

Ioniq 5 is only the first iteration of at least three on the road to Hyundai’s rebooted Ioniq brand for EVs. It is expected to go on sale in the U.S. later this year.

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