Empowering Two-Wheel Travel with Technology: Tezeus Electric Bike Makes Travel More Efficient!

In overseas markets, primarily represented by Europe and the United States, electric bikes have become a necessity for most people’s daily commutes. Although this market developed due to the catalysis of the pandemic, the overseas demand for electric two-wheelers continues to rise amidst the backdrop of carbon neutrality. Moreover, it’s moving toward a trend of high-end and smart development.

Undoubtedly, China, as a major exporter of bicycles, has contributed significantly to this market surge. In 2021, in particular, it marked the golden period of bicycle exports from China. According to statistics from the China Bicycle Association, bicycle exports from China surpassed $12 billion in 2021, reaching an all-time high.

With changing consumer demands, domestic enterprises have begun vigorously entering the high-end market, shifting from mass production to innovative and technologically advanced categories. Recently, one domestic electric bike manufacturer introduced the Tezeus electric bike, which is impressive not only in its stylish appearance but also in its innovative performance design!

Tezeus boasts a unique and elegant fashion sense in its appearance. The frame’s overall color scheme is minimalistic yet exudes a sense of quality. There are no exposed wiring harnesses on the entire bike, making it aesthetically pleasing. It’s a discreet yet stylish urban electric bike.

Apart from its upscale appearance, the vehicle’s performance is also top-notch.

Three-in-One Sensor—Riding Experience Tailored to Every Move

In the realm of two-wheel travel, the riding experience has always been a critical factor in high-end markets. While electric-assist bikes all rely on motors for auxiliary power, the power output under different systems can lead to vastly different riding experiences and power effects. Compared to the strong power demanded by off-road bikes, city bikes prefer a smoother, gentler power supply.

Hence, Tezeus places great emphasis on the user’s riding experience in its design. To accurately identify the user’s environment and provide appropriate assistance, Tezeus equips its power system with three different sensors, conducting a comprehensive analysis based on speed, slope, and pedal frequency. The speed sensor helps balance the electric bike’s dynamics. The gyroscopic sensor detects uphill conditions and provides users with sufficient torque based on the actual environment. Mjolnir Power’s torque sensor accurately reflects the power input through the pedals and responds accordingly.

The integration of these three sensors ensures that the user’s riding needs are more accurately met, making riding effortless in different environments.

Additionally, Tezeus has independently developed a cycling algorithm, offering a linear response output by maintaining consistent output ratios. This prevents sudden changes in torque output or free-wheeling, ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration without sudden jolts.

Intelligent Riding Experience

Intelligence is a significant trend in the development of electric bikes. With diverse consumer demands, the expansion of personalized usage scenarios, the inclusion of intelligent technology helps elevate user experiences to entirely new levels.

Tezeus incorporates Google Maps API internally, providing accurate maps, geographical information, and clear navigation routes for everyday travel, enabling effortless and efficient travel.

The vehicle features intelligent unlocking functionality, supporting fingerprint unlocking, eliminating the need for keys, thus achieving a more convenient travel experience.

Furthermore, users can share their riding journeys online, connect with like-minded friends, allowing riding and socializing to happen concurrently.

The perfect combination of electric bikes and intelligent programs makes Tezeus usage more convenient. The addition of technological attributes makes people’s lives more convenient, which is one of the reasons why smart bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

Safety and Protection Features

The design of electric assistance not only makes riding easier but also increases the vehicle’s speed. Compared to bicycles, collisions can result in more severe injuries. Hence, safety protection is an essential aspect of electric bike design.

Tezeus incorporates headlights and taillights, offering high visibility even in dimly lit environments at night. The red taillights serve as a warning to pedestrians and vehicles passing by.

Moreover, Tezeus also features an anti-theft function, emitting an alert when someone attempts to move the vehicle.

Additionally, Tezeus has developed an independent safety alert algorithm that can detect vehicles 100 meters away from the side and rear, covering a 60° angle of blind spots. It provides early warnings to avoid dangers.

As a product that combines both appearance and performance, Tezeus’ unique design concept and intelligent technological configuration meet the diverse demands of consumers based on intelligence. The current trend in the electric bike industry is toward high-end products. For Chinese companies to enter the global high-end market, it’s crucial to continuously upgrade and iterate products and technologies. We can see more and more domestic companies relying on technological innovation to fully tap into diverse consumer needs, competing in the global market with higher-end products, and expanding the influence of Chinese products.

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