Bosch Expands Anti-Theft Protection for Smart Electric Bike Systems

Recently, electric bike manufacturers Wisper, Cowboy, and component manufacturer Bosch jointly announced a security update for their software. Bosch, in particular, unveiled three updates for its electric bike system, one focusing on theft reporting and data collection, while the other improves map rendering and navigation.

The Bosch electric bike system, through the latest update of the eBike Flow application, further enhances anti-theft protection for electric bikes equipped with smart systems.

Digital Electric Bike Passport: The Digital Electric Bike Passport displays all essential information about the electric bike for riders. In addition to stored information about components, users can now add more identifying features, such as the frame number, descriptions of specific features, documentation, or even photos of the electric bike itself. This means that electric bike owners can record all crucial information about the vehicle, and if there are questions from insurance companies or professional dealers about the electric bike or resale, the Digital Electric Bike Passport can quickly provide information.

Quick Assistance in Case of Theft: If an electric bike is indeed stolen, users can use the new theft report to promptly notify the authorities. Under “My Electric Bike,” users can mark their electric bike as stolen in the eBike Flow application and then be guided to the final theft report based on the stored information in the application. In addition to the time, location, and description of the event, this feature also records personal data such as name and phone number, allowing the police to contact the individual immediately if needed. All detailed information about the electric bike is automatically retrieved from the Digital Electric Bike Passport. Owners can send the final theft report to the police in PDF format via email or print it out as needed.

The new Electric Bike Passport and anti-theft report feature make it easier to identify vehicles through data transmission, and the prompt alarm function aids in the quick recovery of stolen electric bikes.

Additionally, another software update improves the navigation features of the eBike Flow application.

Enhanced Navigation Features: Riders can now change their navigation destination while riding using the new shortcut menu on the screen, LED remote control, mini remote control, or the Purion200 display buttons. The update also adds a mid-ride stop feature, simply by holding down on a point on the map, or users can use the “Add Destination” option.

The map can also display the total distance and elevation profile in the form of an altitude profile graph. Therefore, riders can accurately understand the remaining ascent and descent counts on the route.

Smart systems continually introduce new features to enhance the safety, customization, and convenience of electric bikes. The latest feature updates can be downloaded through the eBike Flow application, available for free download from relevant app stores.

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