Empowering Two-Wheel Travel with Technology: Tezeus Electric Bike for More Efficient Commutes!

In overseas markets, particularly represented by Europe and the United States, electric bikes have become essential means of transportation for the majority of people. Despite the market’s development being catalyzed by the pandemic, the demand for electric two-wheelers in overseas markets continues to rise, aligning with the backdrop of carbon neutrality. The market is evolving towards high-end and intelligent trends.

Undoubtedly, China, as a major exporter of bicycles, has played a significant role in this market boom. In 2021, which was a golden period for China’s bicycle exports, the export value exceeded $12 billion USD, reaching a historic high, according to data from the China Bicycle Association.

With the shift in consumer demand, domestic companies have also begun to vigorously enter the high-end market. A recent electric bike introduced by a domestic manufacturer, Tezeus, catches the eye with its stylish appearance and innovative performance design.

Tezeus has a uniquely elegant and fashionable appearance. The overall frame color scheme is simple yet textured, without exposed wiring, making it visually appealing. It is a low-key yet stylish electric bike designed for urban commuting.

In addition to the stylish exterior design, the vehicle’s performance is also commendable.

Three-in-One Sensor – A Riding Experience Following Your Heart

In the field of two-wheel travel, the riding experience has always been a crucial factor in the competition among high-end models. While electric-assist bikes all provide assistance through a motor, the power output under different systems can result in vastly different riding experiences and power effects. Unlike off-road bikes that demand powerful assistance, urban bikes prefer a smooth and gentle power supply.

Therefore, Tezeus places a strong emphasis on the user riding experience during design. To precisely identify the user’s environment and provide appropriate assistance, Tezeus has equipped its power system with three different sensors, conducting a comprehensive analysis based on speed, slope, and pedal frequency. The speed sensor helps balance the dynamic of the electric bike, while the gyroscope sensor detects uphill situations and provides sufficient torque according to the actual environment. The Mjolnir Power torque sensor can more accurately reflect the power input by the user through the pedals and respond accordingly.

With the integration of these three sensors, the user’s riding needs can be more accurately addressed, ensuring an effortlessly smooth ride in different environments.

Tezeus has also independently developed a cycling algorithm, providing a linear response output assist by maintaining a consistent output ratio. This prevents sudden changes or free-wheeling of torque output, meaning the vehicle accelerates and decelerates smoothly, avoiding a sudden push sensation.

Intelligent Riding Experience

Intelligence is a major trend in the development of electric bikes. With the diversification of consumer demands, the expansion of personalized usage scenarios, and the desire for high-end features, the incorporation of smart technology can elevate the user experience to new dimensions.

Tezeus features an internal Google Maps API, providing accurate maps, geographical information, and clear travel routes for digitalized intelligent navigation in daily commuting, making driving easy and efficient.

The vehicle has a smart unlocking function, supporting fingerprint unlocking. This intelligent and interconnected experience eliminates the need for keys, ensuring a more convenient journey.

Moreover, users can share their cycling journeys online, connecting with like-minded friends and synchronizing cycling and socializing.

The perfect combination of electric bikes and intelligent programs makes Tezeus more convenient to use. The inclusion of technological features makes life more convenient, contributing to the increasing popularity of smart bicycles.

Safety Protection Features

The design of electric-assist bikes makes cycling easier while increasing the vehicle’s traveling speed. Compared to regular bicycles, collisions can result in more serious injuries. Therefore, safety protection is an essential aspect of electric bike design.

Tezeus incorporates front and rear lights into the vehicle design, ensuring high visibility even in dimly lit conditions at night. The red tail light also serves as a warning to pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

Tezeus also includes an anti-theft function, triggering an alert when someone moves the vehicle.

Additionally, Tezeus has independently developed a safety reminder algorithm that can detect vehicles within 100 meters to the side and rear, covering a 60° field of view blind spot, providing early warnings to avoid danger.

As a product that combines both style and performance, Tezeus’s unique design philosophy and intelligent technological configuration meet the diverse needs of consumers based on smart features. The current trend towards the high-end in the electric bike industry is evident, and for Chinese companies to go global in the high-end market, product and technological upgrades are essential. We can see more and more domestic enterprises relying on technological innovation to fully explore the diverse demands of consumers, competing in the global market with higher-end products and expanding the influence of Chinese products.

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