Urtopia Explores the Full Smart Mobility Ecosystem, Unveils Next-Gen ChatGPT Electric Bike at CES

In June of last year, Urtopia introduced the ChatGPT integrated electric bike—Fusion, touted as the “thoughtful bike.” From a technological perspective, the integration of ChatGPT allows riders to enjoy an immersive and interactive biking experience, akin to conversing with an assistant on board. Users can request navigation instructions through natural language without the need for distracting device manipulation, significantly enhancing the safety of the ride.

From content creation to language processing, AI tools are omnipresent. Now, electric bikes have joined this lineup, achieving unprecedented intelligent applications through the integration of ChatGPT.

Today, Urtopia continues to develop this technology in the realm of bicycles and will showcase the next generation of ChatGPT electric bikes at CES in Las Vegas.

Urtopia’s next step involves the launch of a smart ring as part of its intelligent hardware ecosystem. The company states, “It is closely connected to the cycling scenario, and you can also control the bike’s on and off through it.” Moreover, the system synchronizes heart rate with the electric bike, allowing the bike to understand the rider’s heart rate and better match speeds, providing users with cycling guidance based on riding and sleep data for the next day.

The combination of Urtopia’s autonomous connectivity and ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities transforms the biking experience into a dynamic dialogue. Cyclists can now explore new routes, receive real-time information, and even engage in entertaining conversations, making each ride unique and personalized.

In addition to electric bikes, Urtopia is expanding its intelligent hardware ecosystem to include a range of devices aimed at enhancing the overall cycling experience. This includes innovative wearable devices such as Urtopia’s smart ring, designed to monitor users’ sleep patterns and physical activity, combined with its autonomous connectivity, creating a seamless ecosystem for riders.

Fay Liu, a spokesperson for Urtopia, states, “Our primary goal is to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance customers’ cycling experience, actively monitor user health, and make significant contributions to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.”

Integrating artificial intelligence like ChatGPT into electric bikes can provide users with a more personalized and interactive biking experience, significantly enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of cycling. The introduction of smart technology transforms electric bikes from simple transportation tools into products that integrate various advanced technologies. As consumer demands for intelligence and personalization increase, electric bikes with intelligent features undoubtedly have stronger market appeal.

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