Velco Secures €2 Million Funding and Inks Deals with Three Major Bike Brands!

In a resounding triumph, intelligent bike software company Velco recently announced a formidable €2 million funding boost and sealed the deal with three new bike powerhouses: QuietKat, Fuell, and VVolt. This expansion marks a pivotal milestone for Velco in the U.S. market, heralding fresh opportunities for global growth.

QuietKat, laser-focused on delivering cutting-edge products for off-road enthusiasts. Fuell, a brand that emerged in 2019, channels its prowess into design, engineering, and innovation in the realm of travel. VVolt, a brand dedicated to urban daily commuting.

As the vanguard in smart bike software provision, Velco commits to providing riders with interconnected services, metamorphosing conventional e-bikes into intelligent marvels. By integrating Mobitrax GPS trackers and the Velco SaaS software suite, Velco gathers data and dispatches commands to e-bikes, delivering advantages like anti-theft services, direct brand-to-rider communication, product usage insights, and maintenance management.

But that’s not all – Velco has forged a strategic partnership with automotive industry leader Valeo, fortifying its influence. Recently, Velco proudly announced compatibility with Shimano’s EP6 and EP8 motors, evolving into Shimano’s official on-the-spot equipment collaborator, offering IoT solutions and customized mobile applications.

Post this latest funding round, Velco is gearing up for accelerated growth, anticipating profitability this year. Having already surpassed the milestone of 50,000 bike miles, Velco plans to unveil new IoT products at Eurobike in July.

This surge in developments aligns seamlessly with the electric bike market breaking the million-unit barrier for the first time in the U.S., boasting a growth rate of 25%. With the inclusion of QuietKat, Fuell, and VVolt, Velco is set to further amplify its global impact, satiating the burgeoning consumer demands with unwavering confidence and unyielding determination.

Velco is not just navigating the currents of change; it is steering them. And as we propel forward, there’s no limit to the summits we’ll conquer. The road ahead is bold, bright, and brimming with promise. Together, we ride the wave of innovation, forging new paths and redefining what’s possible. Let’s ride on, with Velco leading the charge into an electrifying future!

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