Overseas Power Companies Introduce Fire-Resistant Electric Bicycle Battery Packs!

In recent years, there has been a growing number of fire incidents globally caused by poorly designed and uncertified lithium-ion batteries, sparking widespread public concern. Frequent fires have become a serious safety hazard in the electric bicycle industry. New York City has also experienced a series of accidents in recent years, with increasing casualties. To effectively eliminate the risk of battery explosions, New York began cracking down on the inconsistent quality of electric bicycle batteries and enacted legislation for lithium-ion battery safety, prohibiting the sale of uncertified electric bicycle products.

It is understood that these fires often stem from issues such as illegal modifications to electric bicycles, the use of non-original chargers, or battery damage. To address this safety issue at its source, three companies, Nanotech Energy, Soteria Battery Innovation Group, and Voltaplex Energy, have jointly developed a new battery aimed at eliminating the risk of lithium-ion battery fires. This new battery exhibits exceptional fire resistance, even withstanding bullet impacts, and is resilient against punctures and extreme temperatures, providing enhanced battery safety.

The core of this solution lies in the synergy of Soteria metal-polymer collectors, Nanotech electrolytes, and proprietary electrodes. This combination will produce high-energy and ultra-safe 18650 batteries, setting a new standard for battery safety.

The production of these batteries is spearheaded by Nanotech Energy, a leading player in the graphene-powered lithium-ion battery field, with its manufacturing facility located in Chico, California. The company also plans to expand its production capacity in the United States and Europe to reach gigawatt-hour (GWh) capacity.

Curtis Collar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Nanotech Energy, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in addressing safety issues related to electric bicycle batteries. He stated that “the menace of cheap, subpar electric bicycle batteries has plagued the American people for too long.” In the first half of 2023 alone, New York City recorded at least 108 lithium battery-related fires, resulting in 13 deaths. These numbers highlight the seriousness of electric bicycle battery safety issues.

The frequent occurrence of electric bicycle fire accidents has also sparked widespread discussions in society regarding lithium battery safety, affecting various fields such as electric bicycles and new energy vehicles. The introduction of this new product marks an important milestone in raising battery technology safety standards. Nanotech Energy’s new manufacturing facility began production at the end of 2023, providing secure batteries for partners like Voltaplex and powering electric bicycles, robots, medical devices, and military applications.

Voltaplex, powered by graphene, will be the first to develop battery packs customized for electric bicycles and other critical markets. It is expected to expand into other small device markets, potentially having a broad impact on battery safety. Brian Morin stated, “We are excited that the strength of this technology and manufacturing partnership will allow us to better meet the needs of the most critical applications in the industry.”

This collaboration makes Voltaplex the first company to bring flame-resistant graphene-powered batteries to the market. Meanwhile, Nanotech Energy will supply a significant number of such battery packs to other battery pack and equipment manufacturers, while BatteryBro, a sister company of Voltaplex, will distribute a smaller quantity of these battery packs, which consumers can purchase through major e-commerce platforms.

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