Decathlon Introduces Ultralight Electric Road Bike Weighing Only 14 Kilograms, Priced at 2800 Euros!

Electric mobility has become a global trend, transforming the way people move. With a rising demand for urban commuting and recreational travel, electric bicycles are gaining popularity as a supplementary mode of transportation. Consumers now have higher expectations for their electric bikes in terms of flexibility, usability, and weight reduction. Therefore, electric bicycles that are easy to carry and combine performance with lightweight design are increasingly favored in the market.

In response to this demand, Decathlon has recently launched an ultralight electric road bike called the Van Rysel E-EDR AF.

The Van Rysel E-EDR AF is Decathlon’s first ultralight electric road bike, featuring a minimalist and stylish design. It incorporates a lightweight aluminum frame, and even with the weight of the motor and battery, it only weighs 14 kilograms. Carrying it for daily use or loading it onto a car bike rack is effortless.

Despite its lightweight design, the vehicle’s performance is uncompromised. The Van Rysel E-EDR AF model is equipped with a Mahle X35 motor, providing 40 Nm of torque and offering three levels of assistance, with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. A 250 Wh battery is integrated into the frame, providing a range of up to 100 kilometers, which can be extended to 160 kilometers with an additional range extender. The entire power system weighs only 3.5 kilograms.

European regulations stipulate that electric bicycles with a power limit of 250 Wh do not require a license, insurance, or a driver’s license. While some manufacturers equip new models with motors capable of producing at least 70 Nm of torque and high-capacity batteries of around 600 Wh, the added weight of the motor and battery can result in a total bike weight exceeding 25 kilograms. Furthermore, the maximum speed is often subject to regulatory limits, and assistance is not provided when exceeding these speed limits. Heavier bicycles can become cumbersome to ride, especially for older riders. In addition, urban cyclists often combine their bikes with other modes of transportation like cars, and bikes weighing over 20 kilograms can be difficult and time-consuming to load and transport. Some bike racks may not be suitable for heavy bikes. The Van Rysel E-EDR AF is designed to better meet the needs of consumers for urban travel.

The Van Rysel E-EDR AF is equipped with Decathlon’s BC 900 display screen, which can connect via ANT+ and Bluetooth to display remaining range, assistance levels, speed, external temperature, and mileage. It can sync with smartphones (e.g., Strava) via Bluetooth and connect to the Decathlon Connect app, allowing for customizable screen displays. The vehicle can also pair with the Mahle app via Bluetooth to access vehicle data during rides.

The bike’s drivetrain system utilizes SRAM’s wireless electronic transmission APEX AXS, which is the latest product released last summer. It offers a single-chainring 12-speed system with wireless transmission, providing a cleaner look and more precise shifting compared to mechanical derailleurs.

Decathlon’s new electric road bike is available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL, and it is now officially available in several European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy, with a retail price of 2800 Euros.

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