Segway unveils two new electric two-wheelers with a torque of up to 175 Nm and a maximum range of 150 kilometers!

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Segway has introduced two electric two-wheelers, one named Xafari, an electric bicycle, and the other named Xyber, an electric motorcycle. Both models are classified as electric bicycles in the United States, with Xafari being more suitable for daily urban commuting, and the higher-performing Xyber designed for outdoor and off-road riding.

These electric bicycles are the result of three years of development by Segway, and according to Segway, they have made breakthrough innovations in reliability, sustainability, and safety, integrating many intelligent features. These features include “active scenario perception” technology, which adjusts power output, lighting, and other settings based on road conditions and rider behavior, such as turning on and off the front lights, locking the bike, and dynamically adjusting power levels. Additionally, they integrate with a mobile app for real-time data monitoring and come equipped with anti-theft measures, including a hidden rear wheel hub lock, motion alarms, GPS anti-theft functions, and location-based alerts. The “smart cockpit” display screen allows riders to view current speed, mileage, sensor data, and navigation information at any time.

In addition to the shared intelligent features, both models have their own distinctive designs.

The Segway Xafari is a wide-tire electric bicycle suitable for versatile riding scenarios, equipped with a rear rack that provides storage space. The vehicle features a step-through frame design, a removable 913 Wh battery made of 21700 type cells, making it one of the products with the largest battery capacity in its category. The rear 750W motor can deliver up to 80 Nm of torque, providing excellent climbing power and quick acceleration. Xafari also comes with 70mm front suspension and 80mm rear suspension, making it ideal for trail and off-road riding.

The Segway Xyber, on the other hand, has an appearance more similar to dedicated trail bikes like Sur Ron or Talaria. Xyber boasts superior performance with a torque of up to 175 Nm. It features a dual suspension with 120mm of front and rear travel, offering ample cushioning for rugged rides.

Segway states that the motor can achieve 0-20 mph acceleration in 2.5 seconds. Xyber comes with a 1440 Wh base battery and can also use dual batteries, providing a total capacity of 2880 Wh. Segway also claims that riding with dual batteries can achieve a maximum range of up to 150 kilometers.

Currently, Segway has not released more information about these two new models, but according to the official statement, the vehicles will be officially launched in the second half of this year.

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