Amazon Starts Using Rivian Electric Van for Deliveries

Rivian took a $700 million round of Amazon-led investment in 2019, and they were exploring ways to collaborate together at the time. A couple months back, we heard that one of those prospects for the online shopping giant was to create an electric distribution truck.

Amazon confirmed it would acquire Rivian’s 100,000 electric delivery vehicles. The initiative is one of the first of its kind and will mark one of the world’s first electric car deployments. It’s also an order potentially worth more than $4 billion to Rivian, which is a huge start-up order.

Previously, the only roadmap given by Amazon was that Rivian could start manufacturing the electric distribution truck in 2021 and have 10,000 road vans as early as 2022, and all 100,000 road vehicles by 2030.

Source- Electrek

Video by: Amazon News

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