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For the unstable: A self-balancing unicycle

The SBU stays upright using electronics including accelerometers and gyroscopes with sophisticated balancing algorithms. A childhood memory, courtesy of ...

Orphiro: The Tesla Roadster of electric motorcycles

Due out this fall, the Orphiro does for electric motorcycles what the Tesla Roadster did for electric cars. Gorgeous styling and spoke wheels meld ...

Electric Uno scooter doubles as a unicycle

BPG Motors comes to CES to show off a prototype of an electric scooter that looks like a motorcycle but folds up into a Segway-like machine for nimble ...

Honda Uni-Cub promotes our fat, lazy future

A new personal mobility device from Honda, the Uni-Cub, lets people roll around indoor environments on a single wheel, with a footprint no wider than a ...

Post Modern Skateboard has no board, just two wheels

Two unconnected wheels along with a good sense of balance power a new take on the old skateboard. Ride the rings with annular skates.Hammacher Schlemmer ...

Peculiar standing bike pedals to Kickstarter success

Three wheels, two pedals and a person in a standing position power the Halfbike II, a very different kind of trike. The Halfbike II is a head-turning ...

Impossible electric bike folds up to fit in a backpack

It probably shouldn't exist, but a group of engineers have built a prototype electric bicycle with a bizarre design that folds up into a tiny form. The ...

Fat-tire Storm electric bike is almost cheap at $499

A crowdfunded e-bike opportunity is aimed at netting backers an extremely affordable alternative mode of transportation, though some are questioning whether ...

‘Riding on the future’: My first time on an electric unicycle

Unicycles look difficult to ride. The only people I've ever seen on unicycles was the one kid in high school who went to clown college on his summer break and ...


History YikeBike is a driven group of inspirational people, whose vision, courage and commitment dares to change the world. With bicycle design unchanged for ...

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